Make your own foam soap for pennies and Tasty Tuesdays Link up #recipes

How to make foam soap for pennies! If  you’re not making your own foam soap you will be after seeing this. I make our foam soap and it costs me pennies. I have had that huge bottle of refill soap for over 4 months and that little bit of it that’s gone is all we’ve […]

Can you live on $30,000 a year!

Can you live on $30,000 a year- the basics Living frugal isn’t just the trend these days, but something that many people need to do simply because they are on a fixed income. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering how you can survive on a salary of $30,000 a year and […]

How to create a backyard wonderland

Creating A Backyard Wonderland Creating a backyard wonderland is all about using devices that structure the lawn. Pergolas by Patio Living make the space look classic. A patio makes the lawn look elegant, and the deck makes the lawn look larger than life. Families that include all these elements in a yard are more likely […]

How to save money on the kids after school activities.

  How to save money on the kids after school activities You want your kids to play sports and be active. It’s hard to do that when you have to pay for all those activities though. I get it. There were years my kids didn’t play anything because we couldn’t afford for them too. But […]

Pop Secret has the perfect app to help you get perfect popcorn everytime! #ad @PopSecret #PerfectPop @goodbyeBurnedPopcorn

  This article is sponsored by Pop Secret. All opinions are honest and my own. Pop Secret Perfect Popcorn App I so remember the days of working full time and teaching school. If someone was having a popcorn party for their class at school and wasn’t careful the entire school knew it. There’s nothing worse […]

Plum Cobbler recipe and Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesday Link up #recipe

  This month, Dina from My UN-Entitled Life and Keitha from The Bajan Texan are running this party on their blogs!     We would love to have you link up to three of your old or new food posts!   Here are  just a few requests for this linky : PLEASE follow the hosts and co-hosts of this party through one of their social media […]

Summer Games and Activities for kids

Looking for Summer Games and Activities for kids?  What do you plan on doing with your children this summer? Summertime is meant to be filled with fun and games, but it can be difficult to make the fun last for long. Kids get bored with doing the same thing each day, and bored kids can […]

3 positive discipline tips to use with your kids

3 positive discipline tips to use with your kids    Yelling, spanking, and even talking down to children- we see it all the time, and many parents know that these methods don’t really discipline the child the way they are intended to do. Positive discipline is a new way of parenting kids that isn’t actually […]

Zucchini bread recipe and a Tasty Tuesday Link up!

What to do with tons of zucchini? Make bread! When your zucchini begins flowing in from the garden you ocasionally miss one or two of them. I missed this monster the other day. I had no choice but to make zucchini bread out of it. Once a zucchini reaches a certain size it’s not very […]

Great shower cleaner recipe

Okay I know many people think I’m weird. As I live this life I try to get as many chemicals as possible out of my house. It’s just what I do. I find the old cleaning recipes better for the environment and great to use. They’re also easy on the pocketbook too. I found this […]

Who wants to win fuel for a year? #fuelrewards

  Thanks to FRN for providing a promotional gift card to show me how FRN works. This is my honest opinion and it may differ from yours.   Ha! My question is who doesn’t! I most definitely do. All you have to do to be entered to win is sign up for the Fuel Rewards […]

4 cost savers for your July 4th Party

4 cost-savers for your Independence Day party  Hosting a 4th of July party is a great way to get your friends and family together for the celebration, but if you are worried about the costs you may be considering not hosting one. Don’t let the high price tags you see in store throw you off your plans to have a great party. It […]

Loser allergic to swimsuit

Who knew one could become allergic to swimsuits? Did I get your attention? Yes, I’m a loser who is becoming more and more sensitive to nylon threading used in swimsuits and underwear. It’s to the point where I go to the beach wearing shorts and a tank top. I hate that. I’m not little anymore […]

Tasty Tuesdays Link Up with a Shrimp Scampi recipe! #shrimprecipe #yum #linkup

I love Shrimp Scampi! This month I’m sharing fun and Tasty food all month long on Tuesdays with the Tasty Tuesdays link up. Today I wanted to share with you the super simple shrimp scampi recipe I made last week while on vacation. If you’re anything like me if you try to eat shrimp scampi […]

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