Filtrete filters makes a healthier home for the family. #ad #healthierhome @filtrete

Filtrete gave me filters to use on this post. All opinions are honest and my own.  Let’s face it the home is where a lot of us spend most of our time. It’s important that the air quality in our home be good for us and our precious family. Filtrete filters give me the piece […]

How much food do you waste in a year?

I’m not sure how much food we as a family waste but I bet it’s alot. I don’t mean to waste it nor do I want to waste it. Last night we ate a dinner of mostly raw veggies because I knew if we didn’t most of that yummy food would go to waste. Food […]

Where can you go for shows, dancing, great rivers and camping, and so much more?

Missouri that is where! There’s so much to see and do for families and singles in Missouri. Wondering what all that you can do? Check out this video and see. There’s shows, zoos, amusement parks, great rivers and lakes, camping, dancing, lazy days by the river and so much more. Now are you ready to […]

Pasta Salad recipe and Tasty Tuesday Linky

During the Summer season we love a pasta salad. It’s my go to meal when I forget to set anything out for dinner. Well, that and bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, they are so yummy too! So I made this pasta salad dish to share with you. It was so simple and so easy to […]

Great Clips using the online check in app donates money to help teachers #ad #GREATLIST

This article is sponsored by Great Clips. Being a former elementary school teacher I know how much money teachers spend on school supplies for kids in their own classrooms. It’s hard to see the kids go without so as a teacher most just get the items for them.  Great Clips will donate money to Adopt […]

If you are armed protect your children too!

Types of Gun Safes One of the ways to protect your family is by owning a gun. However, you need to keep the weapon in a location where children cant get to it but where you can access it quickly in the event of an intruder. Safes for guns are an option because they come […]

Rural Areas need access to healthcare too!

Mobile Healthcare Units Mobile healthcare units are needed to reach the most remote parts of the country. There are many communities out there that do not have access to healthcare, and they can only get that access with one of these mobile units. The mobile units provide a complete service that people would get at […]

Stoli Lemonade makes summer refreshing and fun #ad #stolilemonade

This post brought to you by STOLI® Vodka. All opinions are 100% mine. We are huge lemonade fans at out house. There are lemonade pitchers in our fridge weekly. I wish I could take the credit of adding vodak to lemonade. What a yummy refreshing beverage that is. Pairing the Stoli vodka with the yummy […]

Make your own foam soap for pennies and Tasty Tuesdays Link up #recipes

How to make foam soap for pennies! If  you’re not making your own foam soap you will be after seeing this. I make our foam soap and it costs me pennies. I have had that huge bottle of refill soap for over 4 months and that little bit of it that’s gone is all we’ve […]

Can you live on $30,000 a year?

Can you live on $30,000 a year- the basics Living frugal isn’t just the trend these days, but something that many people need to do simply because they are on a fixed income. If you are one of those people, you may be wondering how you can survive on a salary of $30,000 a year and […]

How to create a backyard wonderland

Creating A Backyard Wonderland Creating a backyard wonderland is all about using devices that structure the lawn. Pergolas by Patio Living make the space look classic. A patio makes the lawn look elegant, and the deck makes the lawn look larger than life. Families that include all these elements in a yard are more likely […]

How to save money on the kids after school activities.

  How to save money on the kids after school activities You want your kids to play sports and be active. It’s hard to do that when you have to pay for all those activities though. I get it. There were years my kids didn’t play anything because we couldn’t afford for them too. But […]

Pop Secret has the perfect app to help you get perfect popcorn everytime! #ad @PopSecret #PerfectPop @goodbyeBurnedPopcorn

  This article is sponsored by Pop Secret. All opinions are honest and my own. Pop Secret Perfect Popcorn App I so remember the days of working full time and teaching school. If someone was having a popcorn party for their class at school and wasn’t careful the entire school knew it. There’s nothing worse […]

Plum Cobbler recipe and Creative K Kids Tasty Tuesday Link up #recipe

  This month, Dina from My UN-Entitled Life and Keitha from The Bajan Texan are running this party on their blogs!     We would love to have you link up to three of your old or new food posts!   Here are  just a few requests for this linky : PLEASE follow the hosts and co-hosts of this party through one of their social media […]

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