How to update your house and furnishings for pennies

How to Update your house and furnishing for pennies! Upgrading and Upping Your Savings in the Process  If your house is full of tired old armchairs and worn upholstery, it’s tempting to daydream about replacing it all with new items straight from the store. But there’s a more frugal and a lot more satisfying option: […]

How to add appeal to your garage!

How to Add Appeal to your Garage  Adding Cabinets To Your Garage When people want to change the way their garage looks should make sure that they are using cabinets in the space. Working with the right company will allow the garage to take on a design that works for the whole family. A company […]

Say Please Mission Giveaway 9/12 US

     With my kids going back to school we are making lunches every night. These would be so fun to include in my kids lunch box so that they know I’m thinking about them. I love that this exists and plan to get some for my own kids very soon.  About Our Sponsor Say […]

Ways to save money on a Labor Day Vacation

Ways to save money on a Labor Day vacation  Labor Day weekend is upon us! If you are just now realizing you have an extended weekend and you want to make the most of it- and your funds- check out these tips to save money on a Labor Day vacation that will have you refreshed […]

National Travel Deals $50 Giveaway #visa #win #giveaway

  Travel is something I love to do. Exploring other cities, states, countries I have never been to is so much fun to do. You learn so much by visiting another country or even just another state. So let’s travel and let National Travel Deals help us out.  I love to rent cars. It’s always […]

Preschool apps that teach reading, writing, math and problem solving skills

This is my 100% honest review of the Preschool Apps listed below. Thank you to Kids Academy for sponsoring this learning apps conversation.  Kids love to play games. They love to be on their parents iPhone, iPad or other tablets. Why not learn at the same time as they play? It even tracks their progress. With […]

win a Coach Purse 9/10 US #win #coach

Coach Purse Giveaway   Want to win this pretty Coach Purse? I love coach purses. I have one that was given to me as a gift. And I have one that I bought used. They are high quality purses. You will not regret winning this beautiful purse. This is your chance to win a pretty […]

10 things you must do before the baby gets here!

10 things you must do before the baby gets here! Having a baby is such a sweet and scary time. It’s sweet because you love that baby so much. It’s scary if you’ve never done it before and you have no idea what to expect. While I won’t be there for those nighttime feedings (thank […]

Grandma’s Pink Salad recipe and a Tasty Tuesday Link up

If you’ve not had my grandma’s frozen pink salad you are missing out. Check out the yumminess that it is below and feel free to click the link for the recipe. Then come back and link up your favorite grandma’s recipe!  You can find that yummy recipe here: Frozen Pink Salad. Don’t forget to come […]

Get to know me!

What’s a nickname only your family calls you? D my friend Marlise calls me simply D. What’s a weird habit of yours? I pick my cuticles. Shame…hangs head. Do you have any weird phobias? Huge fear of heights! If I’m ever found dead at the bottom of a cliff you can rest assured I did […]

How do you handle your heart walking around outside your body?

How do you handle your heart walking around outside your body? My baby is a senior in high school. It’s so hard to fathom. We go off to check out another college this weekend. What am I feeling? Is it sadness? Is it joy? Is it all of the above? Yes, yes it’s all of […]

Back to School time isn’t always easy! Try giving back! #ebates #givingbackpack

I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates When kids start back to school it’s a fun time for most children. But for others it’s beyond stressful. For the stressed ones it could be as […]

What I know

What I know   I’m 44 years old and have learned some words of wisdom and words to live by. Here’s what I know so far in this life. 1. I know that pets make you happy and give you someone to talk, love on and take care of. They take care of you too. […]

Yummy Tacos recipe and a Tasty Tuesday Link Up

My family loves to eat tacos. They are one of our favorite dishes to make and eat. I make them at least once every 2-3 weeks and always with guacamole. Love the guacamole as much as the tacos. Because we are a family of five I’m always looking for simpler ways to do things. I […]

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